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ambien hypnotic suggestion Went to Sax to clean my wedding gown….6 YEARS later!  Despite the fact that the stains have been set in the dress for 6 years, they got every stain out.  There was a huge stain (from who knows what) front and center of the gown and the bottom was filthy (outdoor wedding).  They clean it locally and you get to view it before they preserve it (a lot of places who ship it out don’t give you this opportunity), we viewed the dress with white gloves (to keep the hand oils from getting on the dress) then they preserve it in a box with an open window to view.  The quality of their service was great and they picked it up and dropped it off at my work or home.  I was looking for quality since it is an expensive gown and there were a lot of stains sitting on the dress for 6 years.  Quality is what I got with Sax Cleaners.  They called me after to make sure I was happy with their service.  They delivered the gown when they said they would even though I told them it was no hurry (the dress is just going to be stored in my closet).  The prices were a little higher than other quality services (the only thing keeping it from 5 stars), but I was willing to pay more since the work was done locally and I get an opportunity to view my gown before they preserve it.

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additional I called to see if they would be able to clean my Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 30 and the young lady I spoke with was very very helpful and nice. Most places I called have given me a “take it or leave it” attitude which is not reassuring considering how expensive the purse is.

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Read More NOTE: I have not taken my purse here to clean yet, but I am tomorrow and WILL UPDATE once I get my purse back.

Continuing UPDATE: I just got my purse back and they did such a GREAT job! My sister had spilled coffee on my LV purse and there was a huge stain on the inside of the purse. They cleaned the inside and outside of the purse and got the stain out. They even gave me a FREE dust bag!

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web site All I can say is a great job is done at Sax. I took my wedding gown here almost TWO YEARS after my wedding (outdoor… meaning my dress got DIIIIRRRRRRRRRTY on the bottom- not to mention that the dress had satin and many layers of tulle, intricate adornments and swarovski crystals)- SAX DID THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was AMAZED at how clean they got my dress… it looked brand new! buy cheapest ambien online As their website says, with gown cleaning/preservation you will drop off your gown, they’ll quote a time that you can come back after it is cleaned, and you put on white gloves and view your cleaned to perfection dress :) After you give the OK, they preserve the dress and you come back and pick up your larger than life box. The customer service at Sax was great. Simple, quick… the dates they quoted were exact… they finished the dress even sooner than they had quoted. Everyone at Sax was friendly and helpful. I would definitely bring other items back to Sax after seeing how amazing my wedding dress turned out… heck- if you trust a cleaners with that… then what else wouldn’t you bring in!? ambien memory loss stories So why 4 stars?? Just the price… more expensive than other cleaning/preservation… but honestly, worth it- you get what you pay for… and most places that are less expensive ship your gown to who knows where… can you take ambien and advil pm Great job Sax!

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